TRITON Poker Chips - FAQ


1.)  What shapes and sizes are available?
Our Legacy TRITON Poker Chips are available in standard circular 1.5" poker chip size.

        Our Ceramic TRITON Poker Chips are available in Ovals, Pentagons, Octagons, Dog Tags, Rounded Rectangles, and 1.5”, 1.75", 2” and 2.5” Circles.

2.)  Is it full color front & back?

        All products have full color capabilities, however the border of Legacy chips must be selected from 1 of 12 available colors.

3.)  What are the chips made out of?

        Our chips are made of a proprietary clay polymer.

4.)  What colors are the legacy chips available in?

        The 12 Legacy chip border color options are Grey, Black, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Baby Blue, Brown and Ivory. You may choose either a striped or solid border.

5.)  What kind of art files do you need?

        Layered vector artwork saved as PDF is preferred for our process. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or EPS files are also acceptable. Please be sure to include any fonts or linked files. 300 ppi resolution is ideal for any raster graphics.  Ask your sales representative for a template if you choose to provide a design.

6.)  What is the minimum order?

        The minimum order is 100 pieces.

7.)  What do distributors need to send to get started with a project?

        Distributors should provide the following:
        1.  Submit the completed PO to your Triton sales rep that includes the following info:

a.       Product type and quantity

b.      Shipping instructions/requirements

c.       Requested in hands date/requirements

        2.  Send completed artwork or art work design instructions to your Triton sales rep

8.)  What is the difference between Legacy chips and Ceramic chips?

        Ceramic chips are extremely durable and fully customizable and come in a variety of sizes. The graphics are actually printed below the surface, these are high quality, casino-grade, heavy duty products which can tolerate heavy handling.

Legacy chips come with 12 border color options and may be either striped or solid, these are a lighter weight and more economical product with faster production. Graphics are printed direct to surface.

9.)  Can we print text on the outer rolling edge of the chip?

        Ceramic chips may have custom edge text and graphics, Legacy chips will not.

10.)  How can we get a sample pack?

        To receive a complimentary sample pack please contact your sales representative with your request and FEDEX #.

11.)  Can TRITON assist in the design of our chip?

We offer design services, please coordinate with your sales representative for a quote.

12.)  Do you have any design templates that you can send me?

Your sales representative will provide the correct template based on your product type.

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